Emmaus Property Investments: Your One Stop Real Estate Solutions Company

Emmaus Property Investments: Your One Stop Real Estate Solutions Company

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Emmaus Property Investments, LLC is a local real estate solutions company based right here in Savannah.  Our leadership team has over 20 years of real estate rehab and marketing experience.  Standing tall on a solid moral and ethical foundation, the company strives to provide assistance and hope to those trying to sell their house or buy their dream home.  We have creative solutions to nearly any real estate issue.  Since opening our doors in 2017 we have given many homeowners a way to sell their house which would otherwise be difficult or impossible to sell on the traditional market.  We have also provided assistance to those facing foreclosure, bankruptcy or the inability to pay off tax or other liens.  Recently the company was fortunate enough to bring on a retail real estate agent, Wynn Martin who is now our Director of Retail Real Estate Operations allowing Emmaus to now offer retail services to those buying or selling a home.



Often, homeowners face hardships such as the loss of a job, divorce, mounting medical bills, extreme credit card debt or the loss of a loved one and are unable to continue making timely mortgage payments.  Some also find themselves in a house that needs significant repairs or updates and they are unable to afford to make these changes.  Others still, simply want to upgrade, downsize, or change location but, for a variety of reasons, have a home that would not sell easily or quickly on the traditional market. 

For any and all of these reasons, Emmaus Property Investments was created.  We are able to offer a helping hand to those in need and with a steadfast commitment to high ethical standards, we will never make a deal unless both parties will benefit.



Why should you call us today?

  • Are you facing divorce and need to sell your house quickly?
  • Are you facing foreclosure or have you received notice that foreclosure proceedings have already begun?
  • Do you have a tax lien on your house that you cannot pay and are facing tax foreclosure?
  • Do you own a rental property and no longer want to be a landlord?
  • Do you owe more on your house than it is currently worth?
  • Have you found yourself with an empty nest and want to downsize your home?
  • Is your family outgrowing your current house and you need a bigger home?
  • Have you inherited a house that you do not want?
  • Do you have expensive repairs or upgrades that are needed but you do not want to or are unable to make these changes?
  • Are you simply looking to buy a home or sell your current house on the retail market?



If you answered yes to any of these questions then call us today at 912-200-7000 and let us tell you how we can help!

We buy houses in any condition.  There is no need to make any repairs or even clean the place up.  Do you have lots of unwanted property in or around your house? No Problem!  Any personal property that you do not want to move or have hauled away, we can take care of.  In some cases, we can even provide moving assistance such as providing a moving truck, covering the cost of hiring movers and even paying for part of your down payment or first months rent on your new home.

The goal of Emmaus Property Investments is to provide creative solutions to seemingly difficulty real estate situations. Visit our website at www.epi.investments and learn why you should work with us and more about our services and our staff.  Better yet, call us, or email us today for fast answers to any of your questions!  We have a highly trained, knowledgeable, compassionate staff who are eager to connect with you.


Contact Us!



Or simply fill out the form below and we will contact you within 48 hours.

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