Living The Landlord Dream: How To Find And Keep Good Renters.

Posted by Ashley Tokos // January 15, 2018

Owning rental properties can be a lucrative investment venture.  As any landlord will tell you, however, finding and retaining quality renters is tough.  There are a few things that you, as the landlord, can do to help not only find but keep good tenants.  Owning rental properties is a business and your cash flow is […]

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Why Are Landlords Losing Good Tenants?

Posted by Ashley Tokos // January 12, 2018

A good tenant, one that pays the rent on time, takes care of the rental property, and doesn’t cause issues with other tenants, can be a huge asset to a property owner. Unfortunately, finding quality tenants can be a challenge, and when you do find one, it’s important to make sure that you, as the […]

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Ethical Questions Regarding Wholesaling Real Estate

Posted by Ashley Tokos // January 8, 2018

As in any field of business, real estate professionals sometimes ponder the ethical ramifications of various practices. Indeed, there are specific, ethical questions regarding wholesaling real estate. So, what are the key factors of the ethical dilemma that faces real estate wholesalers?   Buying Very Low, and Selling High As opposed to “flipping,” the practice […]

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How Does The Process Of Wholesaling Properties Work In Georgia?

Posted by Ashley Tokos // January 8, 2018

Wholesaling products has been a profitable business for quite a long time.  Wholesaling real estate entered the spotlight with the boom of real estate investing in the early 2000’s, though it has been around for much longer.  It is essentially no different than wholesaling any other product.  There is a stigma, however, associated with this […]

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Staging Your Home To Sell Fast: A Quick Guide

Posted by Ashley Tokos // January 3, 2018

Most homeowners can conceptualize the importance of ensuring their home is clean and free from clutter before putting it on the market for sale. However, taking the extra step to stage a home can take a curious buyer, to one that is impressed and possibly bids on the property. According to the National Association of […]

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A Room By Room Guide To Staging Your Home To Sell Quickly

Posted by Ashley Tokos // January 1, 2018

If you’re planning to put your house on the market you would probably like it to sell as quickly as possible.  Generally, once an individual has decided to sell their current house it is likely they have also begun making plans and preparations to move to a new home.  No one wants their house to […]

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The Eviction Process in Georgia Explained in 10 Simple Steps

Posted by Ashley Tokos // December 27, 2017

The process of evicting a tenant in Georgia begins with termination-related clauses in the lease agreement followed by a formal demand for possession, filing and service of the dispossessory affidavit on the tenant followed by a court hearing and ruling if the tenant files a reply to the affidavit. A ruling in favor of the […]

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When Renting Goes Wrong: What You Need To Know About Evicting A Tenant In Georgia

Posted by Ashley Tokos // December 26, 2017

Eviction is a process that no landlord wants to become familiar with.  There are a variety of reasons why a landlord may want to evict a tenant and a specific way to go about it in a lawful manner.  If the procedure is not followed correctly the eviction may be considered invalid.  The rules may […]

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Generating Passive Income Through Rental Properties: Things To Consider.

Posted by Ashley Tokos // December 18, 2017

Rental properties can be a great source of passive income if purchased and managed well.  Just as easily, however, they can be a money pit if you don’t plan properly.  Whether you are successful or not depends on a plethora of factors which can be grouped into these categories: the physical property, annual expenses, expected […]

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Escrow: The Referee Of Real Estate Transactions

Posted by Ashley Tokos // December 13, 2017

The word escrow is used many times during the purchase of real estate, but you may be wondering, just what is escrow and how does it relate to real estate transactions? What is Escrow? Escrow is a term used by lenders and mortgage brokers to refer to many aspects of a real estate deal both […]

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